An unexpected visitor: Kermit!

Written by Jenna Bourgeois

A few weeks ago, we had an interesting little visitor and I thought I’d share this story. Tt’s not every day we get something like this in our hospital! The month of April this year seemed to be alternating between warm and colder weather, and seemed to be confusing for all the animals coming out of hibernation.

It had been really nice out for a few days, and then on this day in particular, it started snowing again. One of the girls found this poor little frog dragging itself in the snow, towards the front door of our hospital. The frog was clearly in bad shape, he was very cold and had an injured back leg. We decided to take him in until the storm cleared up.

The staff took a liking to him and took great care of him. We set him up in a cozy incubator to warm him up, researched what he needed in his habitat and did our best to create one as close to the outdoors as possible. We scavenged for leaves and branches and gave him a little plastic bin filled with water to go swimming as he pleased. He camouflaged almost perfectly with the leaves and seemed content. We decided to call him Kermit, we found it suited him very well. I think he liked it too.

It didn’t take very long for the snow to melt away, and sure enough it was time to let our little friend go back into the wild where he belonged. We brought him out near a little stream, wished him the best of luck and there he went, happily hopping away.