5 Tips to Keep Furry Friends Safe During Easter

Easter festivities bring joy to families but also pose risks to pets, so here are five safety tips to ensure their well-being.

Dog wearing an orange coat and sitting in snow

Winter Blues & Solutions for Your Pet!

Winter has arrived! Some people will be happy, and others will be a little less enthused. The same goes for our pets.

Chubbs the dog on a leash

Chubb’s Story: Our First ICU Patient

Riverview Animal Hospital has recently undergone a lot of changes! Renovations have turned our hospital into a completely new one! Not only have we doubled in size, but we have added new departments within the treatment areas of the hospital.

A cat and a dog holding a stethoscope in its mouth


Yearly health examinations are so extremely important for our pets’ wellbeing. As they age, biannual examinations can be even more beneficial in catching early changes for our senior pets. Oftentimes we, as owners, may not realize that anything is wrong until a full physical examination is performed.