CT Scans for Your Pet!

Riverview Animal Hospital is excited to announce the availability of Computed tomography (CT) scans at our hospital!

What is Computed Tomography?
A CT scan, a form of X-ray, captures detailed cross-sectional slices of the targeted body part. These slices are then reconstructed by the computer to generate a 3D image, providing veterinarians with more comprehensive information about organs, bones, or blood vessels than any other diagnostic tool available in veterinary hospitals.

What animals can have a CT scan?
Any animal can have a CT scan, ranging in size from a small pocket pet to a large 200 lb dog.

Why would a pet need a CT scan?
CT scans play a crucial role in detecting cancer, spinal cord injuries, sinus diseases, bone irregularities, and assessing internal organs such as the heart, bladder, kidneys, and liver, as well as blood vessels. This remarkable technology revolutionizes veterinary medicine by enabling veterinarians to diagnose conditions that might have previously required surgical intervention.

What is the process for my pet to undergo a CT scan?
To arrange a CT scan for your pet, please discuss it with your veterinarian. If your veterinarian believes a CT scan would be beneficial, they can contact us (see Vet Referrals page) and we will get your pet in as soon as possible.


Written by Riverview Animal Hospital