Dog Parks and Parks in the Riverview/Moncton Area

Happy spring! Fingers crossed we will see some green grass and leaves on the trees before we know it! With the nice weather coming, more people like to get out with their pups and enjoy the fresh air.

Some great places to go with your dog are off leash dog parks where they can run and burn off some pent up energy from the winter months. As long as they are up to date on their vaccines and get along well with other dogs, they can enjoy these run free play areas. Riverview has a great Off Leash Dog Park located at the end of Biggs Drive behind the tennis courts. There is a large dog area and a small dog area where they can mingle together. This park also has water troughs available for drinks after a long run.

Centennial Park in Moncton also has an off leash dog park inside the park itself. It also contains a large dog and small dog area. When not in the Dog Park, dogs are required to be on leash. Of course if your dog is not one for running without a leash there are lots of other options available to go walking with your pup on leash. Moncton has some great parks including Mapleton and Irishtown Parks. Dieppe has St. Anselme Park and Riverview has the Dobson walking trails.

Whichever activity you choose, just make sure vaccines are all up to date and if you do go to an off leash area ensure your pup gets along with others. Not only is getting lots of exercise healthy for your pooch but socialization with other dogs is great too!