While ultrasounds and X-rays are non-invasive procedures that help us assess the internal health of your pet, they do not always provide the necessary answers. In these cases, we may perform an endoscopy to probe your pet’s internal organs. At Riverview Animal Health Centre, we have a new endoscope with multiple ends for both nasal and gastric endoscopy procedures.

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Is endoscopy a surgical procedure?

No, endoscopy is not a surgical procedure. It is a minimally invasive and routine diagnostic procedure to see what’s going on in your pet’s body. Using a camera-like device attached to the end of a tube, biopsies and even small foreign bodies (such as grass seeds and small ingested items) can be taken from the body without your pet undergoing major surgery.

Is anesthesia used?

Yes, your pet will be given anesthesia to undergo an endoscopy so they do not feel pain or discomfort from the device being inside their body. The anesthetic will subside fairly quickly after the end of the procedure.