February and March 2016 are Dental Months at Riverview Animal Hospital

Your pets have dental health needs just like us. It’s important to keep a close eye on their oral health, as they won’t always let us know if something is wrong.  They start off by getting some fuzzy plaque on their teeth and then it starts calcifying into tartar. With time, that tartar will eventually hit the gum line and they will have now started the process of periodontal disease.

There are 4 stages to periodontal disease that categorizes the severity of the disease and the damage it has caused. The beginning stages of the disease thankfully have the potential to be reversed with great compliance from the owners. When the pet has hit stages 3-4, periodontal disease has damaged the gum line and roots of the teeth too excessively to be able to reverse the process. Periodontal disease can be very painful and can affect not only your pet’s teeth but other internal organs if bacteria jumps into the bloodstream of damaged, irritated and bleeding gums.

Dental health should be a priority all year round, but for the months of February and March, the Riverview Animal Hospital is putting a spot light on dental health as we are trying to promote oral hygiene tips for pet parents to do at home, as well as educating owners on the importance of their pet’s dental health.

Here are some of the great deals and offers we have for you during the months of February and March:

Complimentary Vet Dental Exam

A Veterinarian will be evaluating your pet’s dental health, will advise you if a dental cleaning is recommended, will give you at-home tips for brushing your pet’s teeth, and will show you great products that can be used to help clear tartar and keep your pet’s teeth pearly white. Call now to make an appointment with one of our vets!

100$ Discount on Dentistries

This brings down the prices to:  $399.50 for dogs and $339.50 for cats!  WOW, great savings!

This price includes a scale and polish, anaesthetic, 2 dental radiographs, IV fluids and some goodies to go home.  *

*Any extractions, bloodwork or medication to go home is not included in this price.*

Draw for $100 Credit at the Riverview Animal Hospital

Anybody that has had a dental exam or a dentistry will be qualified to put their name in for a draw. A name will be chosen at the end of March. The winner will get a $100 credit on their account at the Riverview Animal Hospital!