Flea Season Continues!

You might think that flea season is short but did you know that fleas can live throughout the cold winter months?

Fleas can live in temperatures as low as 2 degrees. Places like your carpets and pet’s bedding are few of the places that fleas like to embed.

In a flea’s lifecycle, they form a cocoon that acts as a barrier against the cold and allows them to stay this way up to 5 months. Meaning they can wait out the cold weather until they find a suitable host they can jump onto by sensing the vibrations of movement in your household.

Consistent flea treatment for your pet is essential not only for the month’s flea strive the most but for preventative measures, so you don’t have any more fleas lurking in the depths of your carpets once the cold hits. Ask your veterinarian today about prescription flea treatment and why it’s important to treat your pet.

Written by Ashley O’Brien, ACA