Jackson's road to recovery

Another disturbing case of animal abuse has a four-month old Shepherd mix fighting for his life at the Riverview Animal Hospital.

The Greater Moncton SPCA released photos of young Jackson, who recently suffered severe injuries, including two broken legs with multiple breaks, a broken pelvis, many broken ribs, numerous surface abrasions and contusions, facial damage as well as obvious psychological trauma. He will require extensive and multiple surgeries totaling to nearly $3,000.

Karen Nelson, the executive director of the shelter says animal lovers in the Metro region are reeling after the case, currently being investigated by the RCMP and the NBSPCA, was made public Wednesday.

“This one really hurts,” she said. “It’s tough and it’s absolutely not necessary.”

Despite the heartless nature of the abuse he’s suffered, Nelson says Jackson still seeks human comfort and quickly won the hearts of all the veterinary staff members who have been caring for him for the last two weeks.

Although the case came to the SPCA’s attention last month, because it is under investigation, Nelson says they couldn’t talk about it or release photos of Jackson, until Wednesday.

But now, the shelter is rounding up donations for the lifesaving surgeries Jackson needs.

Riverview Animal Hospital staffer Mike Black says when the pup came to them, he was in a lot of pain. After X-rays were conducted on the hospital’s dime, it was determined by the vet caring for Jackson that his prognosis was good and he will endure major orthopedic surgery sometime next week, which will cost at least $3,000.

For now, Jackson is receiving medication for pain, lots of rest, and getting lots of love while lying on a treatment table waiting for his surgery. Staff members have been volunteering their extra time to keep the cost of the pup’s overall hospital stay as low as possible.

“He’s still in a lot of pain and he’s got a long way to go,” Black said. “Depending on how the surgery goes, it’s at least six months until full recovery.”

Only an hour after the SPCA released the photos and information about Jackson’s case, the animal hospital was flooded with calls and late in the afternoon, Black said a gentleman walked in and donated a good chunk of money towards the dog’s medical bills.

Nelson isn’t surprised by the rapid outpour of support.

”Animal lovers out there are just sickened by this,” she said. “They are responding and doing their thing as usual.”

When a severe abuse case comes to light at the hospital, Black says the vet provides the information gathered from the X-rays, diagnosis and prognosis to the NBSPCA, and from there, they open an investigation. Black says the NBSPCA then makes a recommendation to the RCMP whether charges are warranted in the case.

Although neither Black nor Nelson could comment on the investigation, where it’s been confirmed that RCMP are involved in the case, charges have been warranted.
“This abuse doesn’t have to happen,” Nelson said. “If you have an animal and you don’t want it anymore, please surrender it to us.”

Article from TIMES & TRANSCRIPT, March 14, 2013