Meet Phannie Parker: October's Pet of the Month!

She is a charming 12-year-old Pomeranian-Spitz who we are very proud to present as the inaugural candidate for our Pet of the Month blog!

Phannie is a pleasure to have in for an appointment. She gets very excited to see us and sometimes can’t contain her excitement, peeing a little upon greeting! When we go to perform a physical exam Phannie immediately rolls over on her back for belly rubs. Phannie’s mom, Dr. Mary Parker, has been a valued client of the Riverview Animal Hospital for many years and Phannie has been a happy little patient of Dr. Sarah Moskovits for most of her life.

In October, Phannie underwent an unexpected surgery. Dr. Parker had brought Phannie in as she had started urinating inappropriately at home. Given Phannie’s age this symptom could have been a sign of senility but she wasn’t showing any other symptoms. Dr. Moskovits performed an ultrasound on Phannie which revealed several stones in her bladder. Although calcium stones are a common occurrence in Pomeranians, Phannnie had never had urinary problems before. It was decided that the best course of action was for Phannie to undergo a cystotomy to remove the stones, thereby providing relief from the irritation they were causing. Phannie’s surgery went very well (two large stones were removed) and her prognosis is good; she will require a special diet for the rest of her life and careful monitoring to ensure the stones do not recur but otherwise she will be her bright and loving self!

Phannie is very lucky to have as caring and devoted an owner as Dr. Parker who has taken the very best care of her from a young age. Phannie has annual blood work done and comes in for regular check-ups, as well as regular dentistry’s. Dr. Parker has pet insurance for Phannie through Western Financial Group, which has likely enabled the excellent care Phannie receives.

Phannie is a wonderful senior with common senior problems, such as skin allergies and arthritis, but overall she is doing very well for her age. No doubt the great care she has always had is contributing to her long and happy life!