Referral Documents

The team at Riverview Animal Health Centre is happy to provide support with day emergencies, overnight care to your patients, and surgical services.

We understand you want your patients to be in the best care. Our goal as an emergency hospital is to provide your clients with a 24-hour option. As you are their primary veterinarian, we ensure you are kept up-to-date with any treatment or care given. We value your trust and are committed to providing the same level of care as your client and patient are used to at your own practice. With clear communication between veterinarians, our referral program is designed for our hospitals to work together in the best interest of your patient.

When referring your patient to our hospital for an emergency or specialized appointment, please review our Emergency Referral Policy and complete the Patient Referral Submission Form below. Also, please ensure that you submit all pertinent medical records and contact the doctor who will be managing the case at Riverview Animal Health Centre to ensure continuity of care.

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Patient Referral Documents

Patient Referral Form – Online Submission

Radioiodine Therapy Referral Documents

Radioiodine Therapy Referral Form – Online Submission

Radioiodine Therapy Checklist for Referring Veterinarians – Online Submission

Behavioural Services – Dr. Pierrette Mercier

Behavioural Services Referral Form – Dr. Pierrette Mercier – Online Submission


Meet Our Referral Coordinator

Monique Leblanc
Referral Coordinator & RVT

  • Bilingual: Fluent in English & French 
  • Efficient Referral Support: Recognizing the vital role of hospital referrals, she prioritizes swift and efficient service for referring DVMs, ensuring seamless support for your patients’ needs.
  • Versatile Experience: Part of our hospital for over 10 years and has successfully transitioned through various roles within our hospital, serving as an RVT in our Emergency department, Pharmacy Technician, Team Lead, and more. 
  • Advanced Training: As a valuable member of our CT and Radioiodine teams, she has completed rigorous training programs, demonstrating her commitment to mastering a variety of treatments. 
  • Patient-Centric Approach: Her deep-rooted passion for helping pet parents and ensuring the highest standard of medical care for our patients is evident in her daily efforts. 
  • Nutrition Enthusiast: Exhibits a strong passion for nutrition, which is reflected in her dedication to promoting optimal health and well-being for our patients. 

For non-urgent referrals, you can talk to our Doctor team or simply send a Patient Referral Form (see above). Our Referral Coordinator will contact your client directly to schedule an appointment with the appropriate department. If we need the results of diagnostic tests conducted before your clients come to our hospital, the Referral Coordinator will communicate with you regarding this matter. If you would like further information from our doctor team, simply request a call on the referral form and we will contact you directly.

Medical records will be sent back to your hospital within 24 hours of patient discharge. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at 506-387-4015 or