Breeding Services

At Riverview Animal Health Centre, we work closely with many breeders of a variety of purebred dog breeds and help them raise healthy puppies and mama dogs, making sure to answer all of their questions and provide them with all of the proper services they need.

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How does the animal hospital help dog breeders and kennels to keep their pets healthy?

Some of the services we offer breeders include pre-breeding exams, first exams and vaccines for the litter at a special breeder price, microchipping, deworming, pregnancy ultrasounds/x-rays and c-sections.

Are you authorised for semen collection, evaluation, freezing and storage?

We are not authorised for semen collection.

What are the breeding services the animal hospital provides?

We offer a variety of breeder services including pre breeding health exams, progesterone testing, breeder pricing for first vaccination for a litter of puppies brought in together by the breeder, OFA hip and elbow certification, microchipping and c-sections.

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