Cali Hicks

Practice Manager

With a solid background in operations and a deep passion for animal care, I lead teams to deliver a mindful and high-quality experience. As a dog mom of two, I understand the crucial bond between pet owners and their veterinarians.

In challenging moments when a pet is unwell, the kindness and empathy our hospital team provides are paramount, and we take this responsibility seriously. My aim is to uphold the mindset that every pet we assist is treated like our own furry children, ensuring our clients have the support they need.

What I love most about Riverview Animal Health Care is the shared passion among our team members for our patients’ well-being. Our dedicated doctors are committed to continual growth and learning, ensuring the best possible care for our patients and enhancing their quality of life.

Outside of work, you’ll find me with my two dogs, Zelda and Loki. Whether it’s outdoor activities, a drive, or simply spending time with my family, we always enjoy each other’s company. I also have a fondness for cooking, watching movies, and embracing moments with loved ones.