Dr. Robyn Pimm


Passionate about animals from an early age, I chose the veterinary field to combine my love for these fascinating creatures with a daily opportunity to make a positive impact. My educational journey took me to the University of Guelph, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Animal Biology (2009) and a Master in Biomedical Sciences (2013), specializing in animal reproductive physiology. My thesis focused on the reproductive cycle of veiled chameleons, reflecting my commitment to in-depth research. Subsequently, I pursued my veterinary education at the Atlantic Veterinary College, graduating in 2023.

Within veterinary medicine, my keen interests lie in surgery and internal medicine, areas where I find fulfillment in addressing the diverse health needs of animals. What I cherish most about my profession is the chance to contribute meaningfully to the lives of both animals and their owners, whether through identifying and treating ailments or offering compassionate support during difficult farewells.

Working alongside a like-minded team that shares my passion for animals and a commitment to their well-being is immensely rewarding. Riverview Animal Health Centre is an environment where continuous learning is encouraged, allowing me to expand my professional skills and knowledge.

On a lighter note, I have had the unique experience of working with animals of various species, ranging from lizards, snakes, and parrots to kangaroos, skunks, lemurs, Canadian Lynx, and more. This diverse exposure adds an exciting dimension to my veterinary journey.