Kelsey Hewgill

Registered Veterinarian Technician

Animals have always played a significant role in my life! Both my parents were immersed in the veterinary industry—my dad as a veterinarian and my mom as a veterinary technician. Throughout my upbringing, I eagerly devoted as much time as possible to assisting in the clinic, absorbing knowledge and experiences. Witnessing my parents’ deep satisfaction in their work motivated me to embark on my path in veterinary medicine as a technician. In 2016, I completed the two-year Veterinary Technician program at Seneca College, immediately rejoining the workforce to apply the skills I had freshly acquired.

I find anesthesia intriguing, and I am committed to continually learning and adopting best practices. Pet owners entrust us with the well-being of their cherished companions, and I aim to provide care to each pet as if they were my own.

Every aspect of my job brings me joy! I relish the hands-on involvement in dentistry, finding immense satisfaction in sending pets home with gleaming white smiles. Engaging in conversations with pet owners about various aspects of pet care is another aspect I truly enjoy. Owning pets often raises numerous questions, and I take pleasure in assisting people in making well-informed decisions about their pet’s health.

I’m an avid horse enthusiast! Throughout my extensive equestrian journey, I’ve had the pleasure of owning several horses. Currently, my cherished companion is a magnificent Thoroughbred gelding, serving not only as my best friend but also as an incredible teammate. During the summer, we actively participate in horse shows, and on warm weekends, we indulge in refreshing swims.

Growing up, our household was always filled with multiple pets. However, the first pet that truly belonged to me was a stunning long-haired orange tabby cat named Keyara, who was a delightful Christmas present from my parents. Now, my newest addition to the family is a charming long-haired orange and white kitten named Barney.