The Benefits of Bringing Your Pet to Work

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to bring your pet to work? It seems that these days some companies and employers are allowing employees to bring their pets to work with them. They are finding the positives outweigh the negative. If you own a cat or dog you know how much joy they can bring to your life. If only we could have that at work as well.

Research has been showing that having pets at work can greatly reduce stress levels. Employees who have cats or dogs are not worrying about their animal being left alone all day and are able to monitor them at work. We know that sometimes when we are feeling down it seems that the only comfort we get can be from our furry companion. Having your pup sitting at your feet while at work can be a great stress relief, just to be able to bend down and give them a little pat on the head can do a world of wonders!

Employees who are able to bring their pet to work are also taking well deserved breaks. Instead of working through their breaks or eating lunch at their desk, they are going outside to bring their dog for a bathroom break and a little walk. Getting outside for a quick walk and fresh air can be a great energy booster and can also reduce stress levels.

Bringing your pet to work can also help to develop more of a team environment. People who tend to keep to themselves may be more willing to come around to an animal.  Pets at work can create an environment where people gather around to pay attention to your pet, give pats and help out with care that may not typically involve themselves.  And stress levels can be reduced for them as well!

Although having pets at work can do wonders for us, we also have to make sure that there aren’t employees who suffer from allergies. This can certainly cause issues. And we also want to make sure that the work environment is safe and suitable for your pet! Maybe someday in your future you can take your furry friend to work!