Ultrasounds and X-rays

Our veterinarians want to ensure that your pet has the best care possible. One way we can do that is by ensuring that we have the best technology available to diagnose your pet’s medical conditions. We have the ability to use digital radiology or ultrasound to aid in making a diagnosis.

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How are ultrasounds and X-rays used?

Radiology services are used as a diagnostic tool to help the veterinarian diagnose potential health concerns such as fractures, foreign bodies, heart disease, and bladder stones just to name a few. We also use X-rays as a post-op tool for major orthopedic surgeries to see how well bone is healing for procedures like TPLOs, patella and fracture repairs.

How do you prepare my dog for their X-ray appointment?

X-rays are non-invasive. However, some dogs may see this as a stressful time if they are in pain or nervous about being away from their owners. If we see that your dog is in pain and/or stressed, we are able to provide them with a mild sedative that will allow them to relax as well as allow the veterinarian to do a proper physical exam. If we know ahead of time that your dog will need to be sedated in order for us to get diagnostic X-rays, fasting your dog for an 8-12 hour period prior to the appointment is a great idea.

Do you also offer X-rays for cats?

At Riverview Animal Health Centre, when your cat has a dental procedure done we include digital dental X-rays in the package to ensure we can rule out what we cannot see on the surface.

We do our best to use as little restraint as possible. As a cat-friendly hospital, we take a “less is more approach” for our feline patients. Just one way our team goes above and beyond.

How much do X-rays cost?

X-ray examination costs are discussed during your pet’s appointment with the veterinarian. We will also discuss the cost involved with the surgery at this time. If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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