Behaviour Consults

2019 Dates Coming Soon

Does your pet experience any of the following?

  • Anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Phobias
  • House soiling (cats)
  • Separation anxiety in cats and dogs with no other problems.

If you answered yes, or have an interest in the topic, then come join us in May for our Behaviour Consults event.

What: Behaviour Consults Event
When: From April 30th to May 10th
Where: Right here in New Brunswick, at Riverview Animal Hospital
Who: Dr. Pierrette Mercier – resident in private practice with the American College of Veterinary Behaviourists – under the supervision of Dr. Kersti Seksel – BVSc (Hons) MRCVS, MA (Hons) FANZCVS, DACVB DECAWBM, FAVA Registered.

Written by Riverview Animal Hospital