February and March is Dental Season at Riverview Animal Hospital!

Welcome to our Dental Health months at Riverview Animal Hospital!  Have you been keeping an eye on Fluffy’s pearly white’s or maybe not so pearly white’s? That’s ok, there’s lots that we can do to help you keep Fluffy’s teeth and gums clean.

It is important to make sure our pet’s mouth is in top shape just like ours. Our pets can suffer from the same dental diseases that we do if we are not careful to take proper care.  Periodontal disease is serious and can not only be detrimental to the health of teeth and gums but can cause further health issues that can affect internal organs as well.

There are many things that we can do at home to make sure our pets teeth and gums are kept healthy. Of course it is best to start the daily habit when we first bring our fur babies home but if we have not been able to do this, a dental cleaning is highly recommended and then maintained at home with the different options shown below.

Brushing is best! This is something that is best started when our pets are young. It is habit that they can become accustomed to from a young age and will tolerate having their teeth brushed. Have no fear though, it is never too late to start! There are special toothbrushes and toothpastes that can be purchased for your pet.

If brushing is something that is not tolerated, dental diets can work great. They may not be as effective as brushing but certainly help to keep plaque and tartar to a minimum. The kibble is designed to work in a couple of ways. The size of the kibble is larger meaning they acutally have to chew and the scraping action is meant to mimic brushing. There are also cleaning enzymes in the diet to help keep teeth clean.

Dental treats and chews can also be added into the daily regime, working in combination with a dental diet. Chews are great for dogs, just requiring one a day they help to keep teeth clean. There are dental treats you can offer cats as well.

Oral rinses can be purchased through your veterinarian. These can work in a couple of different ways. There are types that you can add to your pet’s drinking water daily or there are types that you need to rinse your pet’s mouth with. Rinses can be helpful in keeping the mouth clean and the breath smelling a little fresher!

Dental health is not just focused over a couple of months per year but should be a lifetime habit that is kept up for your pet. We want to see those teeth sparkle!

Riverview Animal Hospital will be hosting a Dental Talk!

Please join us Wednesday February 12, 2014 at 7pm

Dr. Francis Arsenault will be discussing the importance of our pet’s dental health