Oral Health Tips & Tricks for Puppies

Puppies are adorable and have a way of quickly becoming a man’s best friend. Their cute face, those puppy eyes and tiny little teeth have a way of making them very forgiving.

Throughout the years, however, they grow out of that puppy phase and begin to mature and grow. Some grow longer snouts, maybe a change in fur colour, and a whole new set of canines. Maybe you’re noticing that those pearly whites aren’t as white anymore, and Bear’s breath isn’t all that lovable. So you contact your vet, and they say it may be time for a dental cleaning. It’s hard to remember that your dog needs proper oral health as well but don’t worry, you’ll be a dental pro when you’re finished with this blog because I’m here to give you all the know-how on ways to keep your puppies teeth clean and the importance of dental health.

February focuses all on dental care for your pet. And as you know dental treatment can cost a pretty penny. This blog will include; ways to brush your dog’s teeth, chews and treats to defeat plaque, and water additives you can add to eliminate your dog’s bad breath.

Brushing your dog’s teeth is a great and easy way to get in contact with the plaque build-up. Doing this daily can help prevent further build-up and keep that breath sweet and minty fresh. You can purchase dog toothpaste from pet stores and vets. There are many flavours to choose (my dog loves the chicken flavour). When brushing your dog’s teeth, you can use a standard toothbrush, silicon ones that fit on your finger, or a scrubbing glove, so it’s not as awkward trying to get into your dog’s mouth. It’s easier to start off when they are younger, so it becomes normal for them and turns into a fun bonding experience with your furry loved one.

Chews and Treats
Another option for pet oral care is chews and treats. You can purchase dental foods at our vet that come in larger sizes so your pet can chew that plaque away. We also offer treats, and big chews that are great tartar busters. The food and chews that we offer work as a scrub against bacteria build-up, fight halitosis, and has nutritional ingredients to reduces the plaque deposits.

Water Additives
A Water additive is an easy way to get your dog’s breath back to freshness. Many vets supply them including us! These additives help reduces tartar build-up, fight against periodontal disease and instantly turns bad breath into fresh breath, making it easier to endure those puppy kisses.

Well, now you’re a pro, and you can get on the right track with your furry friend. But wait, it gets better. Not only can you practice proper oral hygiene on your dog, but you can use this information to help your cats as well.

We offer both canine and feline dental health! Oral hygiene is vital in an animal’s life and can save you a costly bill.

If you still have questions though, don’t hesitate to ask us! Dental health months at Riverview Animal Hospital are February and March.

Written by Ashley O’Brien, ACA