Pet of the Month: Harvey Grey

RAH has a new fur baby!

You may have already met Harvey Grey, our new clinic cat; he can often be found lounging in the waiting area, eyeing up the bags of food. He is a black tabby cat, around 15 months old, and came to us as a rescue back in January. He had a broken femur which we estimated had been broken for 3-4 weeks. It looked like we would have to amputate the leg, however during surgery Dr. Arsenault found that he could save the leg by re-breaking it to allow for better alignment. Two steel cross-pins were placed, and post-op x-rays looked good. Harvey’s recovery was slow due to the need to re-break the limb, and we noticed two months after the surgery that he was becoming lame. We re-took x-rays which showed that the fracture was healing very well but that the pins were acting up, so Harvey Grey had another surgery to remove them. Today Harvey is doing great! He experiences no pain and has full use of his right hind limb -we expect ongoing improvement.

Now that our gorgeous tomcat is recovered and able to get around he is proving to be trouble. He has a habit of getting into the bags of cat food on display in the lobby, he’s even sampled some of the dog food! To quell this bad habit we have put in place an Invisible Fence around the cat and dog food displays. He wears a special collar that beeps and vibrates if he gets too close to the sensors which are located on the food shelves. The fence proved very effective for a couple of weeks but Harvey is a clever cat and he’s learned ways to evade the sensors, managing to jump up onto the top shelf which is currently out of range. We plan on extending the range of the sensors but until then we keep a sharp eye on Harvey. Currently there is an assortment of dog and cat food bags that we’ve taped back together and are selling at a discount –our “Harvey Approved” diets.

Although Harvey Grey is a bit of a handful we’re happy that he’s part of our family, and aside from sampling the food he is fitting in quite well. Pinky and Tippy don’t mind having him around, and he respects their seniority. We’ve watched him recover these past few months and it’s a real pleasure to see him able to jump and run around. He was friendly and sought attention from the day he came to us, and we’re thankful to have had a hand in improving his quality of life. A new pet always brings new challenges and new joys, but with time the challenges fade from memory yet the joys last a lifetime. Here’s to many years of joy with our handsome Harvey Grey!

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