Meaghan Wood

Client Service Representative

Since my early years, animals have held a special place in my heart. As I grew older, I came to understand the crucial role of veterinary medicine and recognized my ability to make a difference for our cherished fur companions and their owners. It became clear to me that the emergency hospital setting was where I belonged.

Being a dog mom myself, I empathize with the deep bond between animals and their human companions. I find immense satisfaction in assisting patients and clients during challenging times and celebrating the joyous moments.

The unwavering support from the hospital staff is one of the aspects I cherish the most. Whether for a client or a fellow team member, there’s a genuine compassion that permeates the entire building. We all share a common love for animals and work towards the same goals.

While each day brings new learning experiences, I aspire to further my education in the veterinary field, paving the way for a fulfilling long-term career.

Beyond the hospital walls, you will often find me exploring with my 9-year-old rescued chihuahua, Daisy, whom I adopted from a local shelter in February 2023. Whether camping and hiking in the Bay of Fundy or simply enjoying a coffee outing, she’s always by my side.