Tips for First Time Kitten Owners from Riverview Animal Hospital

Cats are lovely companions that can be with you for quite a few years. Some cats live up to the age of 20 years old! If you are considering getting a kitten, there are some things you should know:

Take into consideration your lifestyle. Cats are independent by nature but still require care. If you are away from home frequently, then a higher maintenance cat that requires grooming or is very active for example, may not be for you. However, there are cats out there for you! Do your research.  Also, adopting two cats together may be something to consider. They can keep one another company!

Make sure when you bring your kitten home, you have provided a litter box and litter. You will need to show your fur baby where it will be kept. Sometimes keeping them confined to one room for a few days with the litter box will help them become used to it. Find out more about cat litter here.

When you have adopted your kitten, bring him to a veterinarian for an exam and its initial set of vaccines. Kittens require three sets of vaccines given 4 weeks apart starting at 8 weeks of age. Depending on whether or not you plan on keeping your kitten indoor or outdoor there are vaccines to suit both.

At the time of your first visit with your veterinarian, they will go over an appropriate diet to feed your kitten. Feeding a healthy diet from the start will do him wonders throughout life and can help to prevent future health issues.

To avoid unwanted litters of kittens, the Riverview Animal Hospital team highly recommends that you neuter or spay your kitten at the appropriate age. This will also help with unwanted spraying or marking with urine.

Kittens love to play! They can be very active so having little toys to play with can help them to burn some of that energy. Little toy mice or balls are great!

Kittens and cats also love to scratch. At the time of your first visit with your veterinarian they can show you how to keep their nails trimmed. Providing a scratching post in your home can help to eliminate inappropriate places that you don’t want your kitty scratching such as your furniture.

Your new kitten will be around for years to come. Have fun and enjoy one another!