In Memory of Charlie

Life with a pet by your side is the best way to live your life; you have them for moral support through the sad times, someone to vent to through the tough times, and they make for a super soft cuddle buddy that is however when they allow the attention. Whether you have a dog, cat, or both they never leave your side and your bond only grow stronger as the year’s progress.

This blog, I wanted to share a story of mine about one of my best buddies, Charlie. He was unique, and quite a character. He would always greet me at the door and you could never fool him with the food as he always knew when there wasn’t any insight. He loved greatly and was an amazing companion. To love an animal that much is a blessing but unfortunately also a curse when the time comes to say goodbye.

He was our lovely rescue, diagnosed with both FIV and hyperthyroidism, cancer in his ear, and lacking one eye. Time spent with medication and vet visits took a toll and were out of the normal for our family, but all worth it in the end. To know that this sweet innocent little being was able to experience unconditional love, to me that’s worth any trouble in the world. When the decision came to decide what his best interests were after seeing him start to decline for some time, we had to choose the quality of life, and we were heartbroken. It’s not an easy decision to decide for someone else, especially one you love very dearly but to know that our guy isn’t in discomfort anymore puts me at ease.

Charlie, we love you and are glad to have had the opportunity to share part of our life with yours and to everyone with their puppies, kittens, seniors, unique features or not, enjoy this love you get to share there’s no feeling like it.

Written by Ashley O, Vet Assistant